Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st July 2017 Written Update, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Pratham decides to marry Chandni.

The pandit comes. Advay looks irritated while Chandni is excited to know more about the pandit’s experience. Advay asks if Chandni was saying something. Chandni likes Pratham and says he is rich and good. Indrani has set the kundali in a such a way that it will match and Chandni-Pratham will get married. Advay plays the game and cuts the electricity.

Advay asks them to come out as it is hot. Meanwhile, Advay plays the game and takes the laptop from the pandit. Advay wants to edit the the kundali. Advay is going towards the laptop and Chandni falls, Advay holds her. Chandni asks Advay to leave her and she again falls but Advay saves her. Advay and Chandni shares a romantic eye lock.

Advay and Chandni share a romantic moment. Advay and Chandni are holding each other and the electricity comes. Chandni throws the coin in air and catches it. She later holds Advay’s hand and keeps the coin. Chandni exposes as to how Advay fused the bulb and he looks on. The pandit says that rhao’s maha Dasha is going on in Chandni’s life. If they get married, everything will be ruined. Pratham says he wants to get married to Chandni only but her mother takes him away.

Indrani scolds Shagun for her mistake. Chandni is worried for her mother. Later Chandni discusses with her friends. Pratham is upset and his mother says no to Chandni-Pratham’s alliance. Pratham is lost in Chandni’s beauty and looks at her. However, Advay comes in between Pratham and Chandni. Pratham says the marriage would happen for sure and Indrani is surprised. Advay looks on and Chandni looks at Advay. The alliance is fixed. Advay is leaving but Chandni stops him. Chandni leaves in tashan. Advay’s score is 90 and Chandni’s 100. Advay recalls his past and says this the beginning. Chandni opens the room’s door and finds it empty but she notices the torch. Chandi is under the sofa’s leg and Advay looks at her. Chandni sees Advay’s leg and recalls her childhood. She stands up and they recalls the childhood.

PRECAP: Advay smartly says Chandni belongs to him. He flips the coin and puts on Chandni’s hand.