Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2017 Written Update,┬áIss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Advay spends time with Chandni.

The episode starts with Advay trying to get the details of his parents death through Chandani taunting her and saying that she is a big like and has done lots of misdeeds. She tries to go away from him but lights go off and Advay says that moonlight comes when there’s darkness. Chandani is irritated by his words and her sisters Meghana and Shikha are trying to cheer her up. They speak nice words about Advay but she is not ready to listen to them.

They all sleep but Chandani is disturbed by Advay’s words and his thoughts start coming in her mind. She imagines him in her room but he is actually there. She tries to wake up her sisters but they are fast asleep. Advay says that if she can come without permission in his room, even he can do the same. She stands up and tries to chuck him off from the room but he comes close to her holding her hand and taking her in his lap into his room.

She wants to shout but then realises that she can’t. She tells him that some light was coming from his room. He opens up a ball full of beautiful light and small stars. Chandani is very happy to see it and a red dupatta falls on her head. Chandani comes back to senses and asks him as to why he is doing all this. He gives a gold coin in her hand and says this is the starting of all the rituals of their marriage. She is shocked to hear it and Advay tells her that she will wear the name of his dupatta.

Next morning, Chandani’s sisters are teasing her and Indrayani comes telling Chandani that she is very happy and hopefully her roka will happen. Chandani is shocked to see the shagun which Advay has brought for Chandani’s marriage rituals and gone to take PP. Chandani is tensed for PP.

PRECAP: Chandani comes for the roka with a tray and Advay with a remote presses a button and the whole tray falls on PP’s mother and him.