Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th July 2017 Written Update, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today episodes, Advay puts Pratham on fire.

The episode starts with Chandani getting imbalanced and the whole tea falls on Pratham and his mother. Everyone is shocked and Indrayani scolds her. Lastly Advay controls her slippers and it throws on Pratham. PP’s mother gets angry with Indrayani and Chandani. They all feel offended and Advay says to Chandani that he doesn’t repeat his tricks. He goes away and Chandani cries.

Advay gives food to the pigeons and tells Murali the significance of it. He guides him to do another big drama. Shakun and Kajal taunt and scold Chandani for the same but Indrayani snubs them and supports Chandani saying she has spoken to Pratham’s mother; rest Chandani will apologize to them to stabilize the threads of the building relationship.

Chandani decides to go to Pratham and apologize but Murali is massaging him with an oil. She starts speaking thinking that he is Pratham and apologizing to him but it’s actually Advay standing overhearing everything. Advay draws her close and says that he will burn everyone who so ever comes in between them. He throws a lighter and it catches fire with Pratham shouting.

Everyone comes and PP’s mother shouts at Indrayani for insulting them,  if they never wanted any relationship why did they do such nasty things. Shakun and Kajal says if there was fire there should have been smoke too but it was clear. Everyone is stunned to hear this fact, actually Advay had mixed something which caught fire but no injury to Pratham.

Chandani cries and decides to go to meet Advay. She says that why is he doing such things with her. The whole relationship is very important for her and her mother. Advay stops Chandani.

PRECAP: Chandani’s father keeps Advay’s hand on Chandani’s palm saying that he is assured that he will keep his daughter happy always. Advay asks Chandani to accept his proposal.