Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th July 2017 Written Update,┬áIss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Chandni turns the table.

The episode starts where Advay stops Chandani and starts his tricks of charm on her. He convinces her to accept him at any cost as he will not let anyone come in between them. Advay calls her in the most desi way saying her Bhagyavan and irritates with other words of love and affection. He comes close to her and finally Chandani calls him Advay. She requests him to give place for her to leave. Advay again presses the remote button and she is about to fall on him and ultimately leaves the place.

Chandani cries saying to her father that everything is finished. Those people might have left their house even. Her father puts Chandani’s hand on Advay’s and says that he is the best groom for her. He is confident of Advay keeping her daughter happy all through the life. Chandani is shocked but Advay gives a smirk saying that now she should get ready for marriage as her father has given the permission for the same.

Indrani tells Chandani that despite everything Pratham likes her alot and is ready for roka. Her sisters are very excited for her. Pratham’s mother apologizes to Indrani for misunderstanding them. She also suggest about another friend of hers who has a son, for Chandani’s sisters. The same boy is Veer’s friend and he decides to teach a lesson to Shikha Vashisht.

Pratham and Chandani are sitting on a couch for roka and PP calls Advay but he’s not able to move his feet the same way as Chandani was unable to. Advay sees the remote in Chandani’s hands she giving a smirk as well Advay doing the same. Flashback shows that Chandani comes to know about the magnet in her slippers and plans to do the same with Advay. The red chunri comes for roka but Advay again plays a trick. He presses the remote button and lots of pigeons come irritating everyone and the dupatta falls on the ground.

PRECAP: Advay and Chandani share the chunri with he saying that now she should accept his proposal. Advay congratulates Chandani on her roka and Indrani is shocked.