Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 4th July 2017 Written Update, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 4th July 2017 Written Update.

The episode starts with Advay holding the rope tightly of the big statue of Shiv when he is been supported by another guy who holds his feet so that it is not hurt. Another guy comes and says that this is Allahabad and it’s an important place as well. He asks whether Advay is a mathematician to which he replies it’s by profession. He finally makes the statue fall in place.

On the other hand Chandani is thinking about old memories and reaches the place of Maha Aarti in front of the huge Shiva statue. Everyone is shocked to see the guy relocating it back. Chandani prays in front of Shiva that He is angry with her but she is ready to give all exams to won his trust again. Advay sees Chandani and says that he has not forgotten her all these sixteen years. He recollects some voices saying your mother was flying in the air, she is a witch. He swears to make her life hell.

There is a big crowd of transgenders who want to do Pooja inside the Shiva mandir but Chandani’s uncle stops them. He tries to use offensive words with them and even hit them but Chandani intervenes. She says if they are not allowed to enter the temple and do Pooja, she will not do the Maha Aarti. Chandani’s mother comes and says that transgenders are part of Shiva God as ArdhNareshwar so they are welcomed to do the rituals. Chandani is relaxed but her other relatives get irritated. Chandani’s mother supports her and is shocked to see the young man doing such a great thing.

She takes Chandani for Shudddhikaran and Chandani welcomes the ritual. There is lot of people around performing dance with colors and Chandani being bathed in water and milk. On the other hand, Advay comes face to face with Chandani’s mother and says this is the start and not the end. Everyone is shocked at his attitude. Advay remembers his childhood days where he told Chandani that she would never be able to do Maha Aarti. In return Chandani says that he is going to do Maha Aarti but he doesn’t have a pavitra heart. Advay says in his mind that things have changed but he remembers everything.

PRECAP: Chandani tells one of the idioms of Gita in Hindi to foreigners but Advay interrupts her. She asks about his identity. At night in a party he puts Chandani’s dupatta on fire and says that she looks good without it. Chandani faints and he takes her in his lap.