Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th July 2017 Written Updat

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode. In today’s episode, Advay (Barun Sobti) enters Chandni’s (Shivani Tomar) house.

The episode starts with Shakun, Kajal and Chandani’s mother discussing the person who threatened him through the note. They keep on thinking who’s trying to blackmail them. Suddenly Chandani’s mother gets a call and she rushes. She goes to Chandani and consoles her. She inquires about the black coat from Chandani and she says that he was the one who saved him. Chandani’s mother slaps the bodyguard and says that this should not happen again.

There’s entry of two new characters who are sisters of Chandani named Shikha and Meghana come back from Varanasi. Kajal stops and chit chat with them. They go and meet Chandani getting angry on her that she didn’t tell anything to them. She says that now she has learnt to fight with life and emerge as a winner. It’s not always necessary to win through fights. She has to be courageous to face the situations and live life. They get very happy. Shilpa receives call from Advay Singh Raizada and she gets tensed. Meghana and Shikha try to find out her tension but then leave it.

Shikha runs with her ringing phone and bangs with Kajal. The phone accidentally goes into the pond and she scolds Kajal. All the three sisters celebrate their reunion by singing and dancing, enjoying with pillows. Chandani’s mother enters and all become like a statue. She comes and apologize to Chandani for not protecting her. The other sisters also ask for their love from their mother. Chandani’s mom gets a call from Shakun and she leaves.

Advay enters his once owned house and recollects all his memories of childhood. The whistles, the laughs, happiness, his parents and brother’s voice. Then he recollects the bad memories of his life where his father was given the authority of the temple and the second most important was Chandani’s father. He recollects how his father was framed for theft and thereby killed. Even his mother was charged of black magic and a person with gold bangle with a typical key ring set her on fire. He had to run in a train and throw his own brother. He also remembers the sweet memories spent with his beloved Chandani.

On the other hand, Shakun, Kajal and Chandani’s mother are discussing the letter. They feel that it is the jeweler who can threaten them but Chandani’s mother reveals that there are lot of people behind the sixteen years old truth. Shilpa sees Advay and tells her about the phone. He goes inside to hear what the three are discussing clicking a photo of the yellow cloth which has the message written. All of them hear and turn back.

PRECAP: Advay becomes furious saying he will destroy Chandani and his family’s life. He meets Chandani in a fair and takes her purse. She says to return her money and he says to get it back she has to meet him on the terrace at night.