Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode.

The episode starts with Chandani’s mother, Shakun and Kajal turning back to see as they hear the sound of a camera click. But there’s no one there. Advay clicks the photo and decides to go back and see it. As now he comes to know that whatever happened sixteen years ago is known by some one else who is threatening them as well as some of them are involved from the family. He is going back and bangs into Chandani. They share an intense eyelock with Advay again trying to misbehave with her. He asks about her health and she urges him to leave but he says he will not go. He says after all truth is TRUTH. He goes away with tashan.

Advay sees the clicked photo in his laptop and comes to know about something fishy going on. His caretaker comes whom he calls harmonium and describes Advay’s eating habits. On a serious note Advay gets up saying that there’s lot of things more than the incident which happened sixteen years ago. Harmonium asks as how will he find out about the involvement of other family members. Advay says he will make Chandani the ladder for his successful planning and throws a rubic’s rostrum on Chandani’s large photo. The glass breaks in pieces.

On the other hand Chandani’s mother calls up a money lender named Bhavani but he refuses to give her money for the Bhog. She gets disturbed and is about to faint when Shakun and Kajal help her. They incite the matter and Chandani overhears the matter. She decides to sell off her gold Bangles. Her father comes and inquires as to what appears is that he has forgotten his memory. He tries to remember and feel her emotions but then leaves the room.

Chandani tells Shilpa that she is leaving for some work and to lock from inside. She has already called her friend who has a jewellery shop to sell off the Bangles. She reaches the purani gali and in exchange for money. Advay sees her doing so and snatches her purse saying that such a respected family girl needs to sell off her jewellery. He convinces her to meet him on the terrace.

She goes back and gets lot of things for the bhog. Her mother is shocked and asks. At first she doesn’t reveal it but then she tells the reality. She says that her mother’s self respect is invaluable. Her sisters over hear and decide to give their jewellery too but she refuses to take and they share a beautiful bond.

PRECAP: Advay tries to come close and hold Chandani’s hand on the terrace. She shouts at him and runs. He again makes her fall on him and everyone is shocked including the pandits. Chandani’s uncle asks as to why Advay is here. To which he replies that Chandani called him and She is shocked.