Arjun and Maya in Beyhadh

Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh will witness high voltage drama. As per the current track, police is busy investigating the Ashwin’s murder truth. On other hand, ghost is scaring Jhanvi and sometimes, Maya. Arjun and Maya’s romance moments have been seen as well.

In the coming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh, Jhanvi will get aggressive and violent. Maya and and Arjun will look shocked while Maya tries to control panic Jhanvi. Furthermore, Jhanvi will try to commit suicide but Arjun and Maya will able to save her.

Jhanvi will get knife and she will choke it on Arjun and Arjun will scream with pain. Maya will somehow manage to feed Jhanvi medicine and Jhanvi will calm down. Jhanv will sleep and Arjun-Maya will be relaxed as Jhanvi will be fine.