Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Leap

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Leap Story: Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is heading for the leap and the whole track will showcase the separation of Rishi and Tanuja, the two lovers who got separated because of some misunderstandings, although they still love each other immensely but misunderstandings are powerful enough to break any relationship.

The show will take a leap of seven years and it will take place this week. Before leap, we will see that Tanuja will misunderstand Rishi when she will find him getting close to Nethra on bed in a room. However, the truth would be different as it will be revealed to be a plan of Nethra and Mallaika.

Nethra and Mallaika wanted to create the rift between Rishi and Tanuja post Nethra got engaged to Rishi. Heartbroken Tanuja after witnessing Rishi and Nethra together will decide to leave the house and Rishi will plead Tanuja to change her decision but she would be devastated and finally leave the house.

After some time, Tanuja will later learn about her being pregnant but her decision will still not change. The show will take a leap of seven years and Tanuja will move to abroad with her little daughter named Natasha. Played by Amit Tandon, a businessman tycoon will be seen in the house with Tanuja and Natasha. And… guess what will happen to Rishi? Well, Rishi will be seen fighting in the boxing ring! Plus, he take care of Tanya, a small girl. The mystery of the girl will be revealed later. Are you excited for the leap track?