Sony TV’S Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high voltage drama and twists in the upcoming episode. Sonakshi has been threatened by Khatri to stay away from his matter with Ishwari but Sona wants to protect Dixit family.

Khatri decides to teach Sona a lesson so he tells her that he will tell Dev the hidden secret of Ishwari. Sonakshi is scared of his motives so she tries to contact Dev but he is angry with her so he goes away from the house. Sonakshi tries to find him out everywhere but unable to. She at last goes to the farmhouse where they had a breakup.

Sonakshi sees Khatri there and she gets tensed. Khatri tells Dev everything about Ishwari and he gets angry on him. Sonakshi with the help of Jatin has already informed the police so they come there and arrest them. Finally Khatri is arrested and little bit of Misuderstandings too. What say viewers?