Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been quite interesting in the past episodes especially Dev and Sona reentering Ishwari Niwas. Suddenly Soha gets high fever and develops chicken pox.

Dev is quite upset and he keeps on fighting with Sona because of his underlying tension of ill Soha. Sona has been experiencing some unusual things happening and a shadow seen at the Dixit’s house. She is baffled by the situation.

Again when she is waiting for cold water for Soha she sees a man standing outside the house. She shouts and calls but the person runs away. She calls Jatin to tell him about the mysterious man. She runs and finally comes faceoff with him. It’s none other than Khatri. So Khatri is back with a new twist and turn to the Dixits. So why is he back? What did he want to tell Dev about his past? Will Sona and Jatin be able to find out? Let’s hope so.