Zee TV’s most popular supernatural show ‘Bhramarakshas’ is currently topping the TRP charts. And it seems that the makers are leaving no stone unturned to maintain their topmost position. In the previous track we have seen that the Bhramarakshas has been killed, but does that mean the end of the show? No not at all, as of now the Bhramarakshas’ soul is very much alive in some other form. Yeah you heard it right!

In the upcoming track it will be revealed that Aparajita aka Kishwer Merchant has turned into Bhramarakshas now. Now on Aparajita will be seen in Bharamarakshas avatar whenever she is provoked. When contacted Kishwer confirmed the news saying that earlier it was easy for Parag Tyagi the real Bhramrakshas to create terror in people’s minds due to his physique and stature. Parag was given the right look and make up to look very much a terrifying Bhramarakshas. And now since Kishwer will take over as the next Bhramarakshas she will also be seen in new terrifying avatar. Well are you viewers excited to see her new Bhramarakshas!!