Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th April 2017 Written Update. Bijoy and Dev patch up. The episode starts with Bijoy being taken to the hospital. Soha and everyone are worried. The doctor informs that due to high intake of alcohol his BP rose and he fainted. He has to be kept under observation. Sona gets angry with Dev making him realise that he can only hurt people and if something happens to her father even Soha will not be able to forgive Dev. Elena wants to meet Bijoy but Radha Rani doesn’t allow her. Bijoy comes out of danger and everyone is relieved. Bijoy speaks to Dev in an extreme sweet manner stating it was his fault of drinking so much.

Dev is sitting outside helplessly and Sona apologises to him for talking overly. Dev remembers his mother eating sleeping pills and his break up with Sonakshi and even tells her but she irritatedly says that it was he who broke their relationship. They both discuss that they just keep on blaming each other without understanding. On the other hand Bijoy asks Asha whether he is a good father, husband or not; she answers that no one is perfect and​ explains him the importance.

Bijoy comes back to his house and Soha is very happy but Dev is not there so Asha asks her. Sona tells her all those talks between her and Dev. She expresses her anger with both of them not understanding the plight of Soha. Golu is not eating food at Dixit’s but Dev comes and makes him happy. On the other hand Soha is waiting for Dev but he doesn’t turn up. Dev is busy telling Golu story. Sona even tries but she cannot tell stories like Dev. Soha sleeps and Sona and Dev recollect their old memories.

  1. PRECAP: Dev reaches Bose house and tells Sonakshi’s that now it is his turn at Dixit house as they are moving in there.