Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Dev and Sonakshi entering Soha’s room but she is fast asleep. They both go to make cake for her and on the other hand, Vicky brings cake for her just to trap her in his new trick. They both go hiding from everyone but bang into Radha Rani and she gets emotional seeing Vicky. She shares some of her feelings with Vicky.

Ishwari enters and sees Soha happy in her room. She sees a cake plate and Dev , Sona comes with a chocolate cake which she refuses to cut as she doesn’t like the flavor. Ishwari sees Soha sitting outside and seeing stars. She explains Soha that when she makes a birthday card for her mom it’s the best, because she loves her the most similarly her mom dad also made some thing special for her. She understands and they all cut the cake. Sona and Dev become busy blowing balloons for Soha’s birthday preparations.

Vicky and Golu enter their house and Elena catches them. She gets irritated and says that it’s not correct this way. Soha calls and gives the address for her birthday celebration. Vicky again gives a smirk. Next morning Sona and Dev are busy with the preparations and Ishwari is happy. Radha Rani comes and tells Ishwari to tell the truth about Vicky and Golu’s meet with Soha.

Ishwari and Radha Rani face an emotional turmoil and she goes to tell Dev and Sonakshi but Mamiji doesn’t tell anything. Sona gets a call from Bijoy telling her about the legal notice and calling her immediately. Dev, soha and Ishwari reach the birthday venue and she’s excited to see the superheroes them but asks for Sona. Dev is worried for Sona not reaching on time.

PRECAP: Dev goes to pick up Vicky and Elena as Soha wants both of them to attend her birthday.


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