kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 10th March 2017 Written update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Dev flirting with the teacher. She expresses her feelings towards Dev and Sonakshi is listening to them. Dev tells her that he loves someone very dearly and has met her after seven years. On asking, Dev tells her that she is her daughter who is very dear to him. The teacher leaves and Dev sees Sona listening to their talks. So he asks her whether she heard their conversation but Sona says she is unaffected. She goes back to her room but it gets locked from outside. Dev says he will help her but she refuses. He comes and holds her by hand; says that he is been waiting for this moment all through seven years. Through the eyelock between them Dev ties her hand from behind and throws the lock even. He says now he is going to spend time with his daughter and she should have a chill pill. Sona gets irritated and Dev says Bye to her.

Meanwhile Golu starts boasting about his Big Cha that he is just like superman etc. When Dev comes all children run away and he asks Golu as to what did he say. He says he spoke all great things about him so that Soha can also b impressed. Dev tells Golu that he has spoken lot of things which he could not do even. The school organise an activity for the parents to put the ball in the basket being blindfolded. All parents get tensed but Golu says his Big Cha will do it. When it comes to Dev, ┬áSoha says she will blindfold him and at the back of Dev’s mind he wants that he should complete the task successfully because he wants to win Soha’s heart. His shot is successfully achieved and all of them start clapping.

Meanwhile Sona frees herself and comes to the activity centre. Dev and others start teasing her that she will not be able to do it but she says that she will surely do it. The teacher decides a match between Mr. Dixit and Miss Bose. Vicky and Radha Rani are out in the car where Vicky gets irritated that she is taking her round and round. So she says him to shut his mouth and the car stops in front of a house.

Dev says that hope Sona is not afraid and she says that he has not yet won. The tashan continues between them with Sona falling and Dev rescuing her. Sona gets irritated but Dev continues to tease her. It starts raining and they both look at each other.

PRECAP: Dev asks Sona to enjoy the rain leaving her ego aside but she is irritated. After this he goes and Sona gives her hand for dance.