Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th April 2017 Written Update. Saurabh’s wedding ceremony. The episode starts​ with Dev checking his phone so he sees Sonakshi’s missed calls. He realises Soha might be waiting for him and goes back to Bose house. Sona shouts at him for not coming on and he tells her to keep quiet.  Saurabh comes and talks to Dev about convincing Sona to do the makeup for Ronita for the marriage. Dev goes to Sona and stares at her with a flirty smile and they both share a cute romantic moment. He tells her about Saurabh’s wish. Asha comes and assigns some work to Dev on which Bijoy supports him and Asha doubts both of them.

Asha asks Dev for his absence last night. He tells he went to meet Golu as he was sad and tells her that Golu was his soulmate all these seven years. Asha assigns some work to Sona but she is busy so she tells Dev but he refused to and threatens about her entry into Dixit house. Bijoy overhears it and shares his fear of Sona and Soha entering Dixit Mansion. Asha consoles him.

Dev and Sona try to calm Saurabh and Ronita’s nervousness regarding marriage but they both ask Dev and Sona independently whether they have forgiven each other. The wedding rituals start and Dev calls Jatin to a side and explains him that he doesn’t want him to come and meet Sona and Soha at the his house. He understands his point. As the marriage progresses Dev and Sona remember their own marriage and Sona goes away. Dev follows her and asks whether she was also thinking about their marriage.

PRECAP: Dev sees it’s 12 am at night and says now it’s his time . He wakes up Sonakshi and tells her to follow him to  Dixit house at this point of time itself. Sona is shocked.