Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th July 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Sona revealing the truth of Nikki’s love life in front of Ishwari. Sona tries to convince her and relaxes Ishwari. Ishwari at last accepts the fact. Nikki is waiting for Lakshaya’s surprise. He brings her food and she tastes remembering her mother’s hand made food. Lakshaya consoles her. On the other hand Ronita is settling down Saurabh’s almirah. They both start discussing about their own kids.

Sona apologizes to Dev for unfolding the secret without telling him but he knows that she will never take any wrong step. Ishwari calls Dev and Sonakshi and expresses her desire to change the family photo as it doesn’t have Sona.

Nikki gets restless and calls up at her own house but cuts the call as it is not picked up by her own mother. Sona understands and tells Ishwari to pick up the phone if it rings next time. Ishwari gives the phone to Sona and she hears Nikki’s crying sound. She tells Dev that her guess was right and Nikki has started missing her mom.

Saurabh and Ronita disclose their family planning idea to Asha and Bijoy. They became very happy and share a drink. Ishwari comes to office and Lakshaya taking her lunch discloses that he lives in a live in relationship. She is not happy to hear it. On the other hand Sona tries to relax Dev and Ishwari comes telling them that her boss told her about his live in relationship. She reacts abruptly and goes away. Sona and Dev are tensed to hear such a thing. Ishwari invites Neha and her husband Vineet as well as calls Nikki to speak to her. She tells her that she knows everything about her boyfriend and urges her to come alongwith him for a family pic.

Nikki is very happy and shares it with Lakshaya. Next morning Ishwari does all the cleaning of the house and Dev and Sonakshi come to know that she has called everyone including Nikki and Lakshaya too. Dev and Sonakshi are shocked and try to call Nikki. In between Riya calls and expresses her happiness of revealing everything to Ishwari about Nikki and Lakshaya.

Asha and Bijoy fight for the names of Saurabh and Ronita’s child. Ishwari stops Sona and Dev to go to office and invites her boss even for dinner.

PRECAP: Dev calls Nikki and tells her not to come with Lakshaya. She’s heartbroken but she comes along with him and Ishwari is shocked to see them.