Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th April 2017 Written Update. Sona’s entry into Dixit house. The episode starts where Sona and Dev are standing alone discussing their failed marriage. Dev recollects all sweet memories spent with her, she taught him how to love but they now know that they have to be together for Soha. The marriage culminates and Dev threatens Ronita’s mother for staying away from Bose family. Bijoy urges Asha to speak to Dev for staying at Bose house. Dev comes at 12am and convinces Sona and Soha to enter Dixit house.

Radha Rani performs aarti Pooja of Soha but not of Sonakshi. Golu takes Soha and starts playing and Sona steps inside the Dixit’s recollecting all moments spent there as well as with Dev. She sees the swing and gets emotional. Elena also shared some sister moments with her. She searches cold water and Dev gives her telling he remembers everything about her. Radha Rani takes Dev and Vicky threatens Sonakshi to leave the house. Sona gets irritated and goes away. Radha Rani also irritates Sona but she backfires her.

Meanwhile Ronita and Saurabh are eating sweets at late night. Asha, Bijoy and dadiji comes and start making joke of them. They try to call Sona but Saurabh and Ronita tell them they have left for Dixit house. Everyone is shocked. Soha falls down and everyone is tensed. Doctor comes and tells that she has chicken pox and Dev and Golu are still not affected by it so they have to stay away from her.

PRECAP: Sonakshi tells Dev to stay away from Soha but he doesn’t listen. Soha takes a promise from Dev not to come near to her.