Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Ishwari ask Dev and Sonakshi not to go anywhere as its a very important day. Dev calls Nikky and explains her everything about the situation.  Nikky gets tensed.  Dev is about to tell Ishwari that Nikky can’t come today, but she comes.  Ishwari welcomes her happily but eventually sees  Laksh, Laksh also sees her and tells Nikky that she is an intern aunty.

Ishwari gets shocked. Radha rani asks who is he,  Sonakshi tells her that he is Nikky’s boyfriend and they are in a relationship since two years. Radha rani asks Nikky to stop this and come with her. Neha asks Riya why she told that Ishwari knows about the matter. Riya tells her that even she dont know.

Radha rani scolds Nikky and Laksh if they dont feel any shame. Ishwari asks her why did she do like this.  Ishwari tells her that she left when everybody when they wanted her so badly. Upsetted Ishwari leaves,  Afyer that even Nikky goes out, Dev and Sonakshi stops her. Sonakshi explains her that they wanted time to explain Ishwari. Nikky apolozises Dev for what she had done seven years ago.

Dev asks her not to. They hug each other affectionately. Sonakshi asks them not to worry and Dev promisesher that he will convince Ishwari about them. Sonakshi asks Dev how he would explain Ishwari.  Dev says that he dont know, Radha rani tells Ishwari that how could Nikky do such a thing, Chachaji asks her to stop.  Ishwari asks Neha and Riya if they also know about it.

Neha and Riya tries to explain Ishwari but Ishwari asks them not to. Sonakshi and Dev comes to Ishwari.  Dev explains Ishwari that how Sonakshi and he met and after knowing his relationship with her things got changed. He asks that they should support Nikky and Laksh, as she also know him she can accept Nikky’s relationship with her.

PRECAP : Sonakshi asks Ishwari to wear her watch,  Dev tells her that he will drop her to the office.  Ishwari tells them not to as she resigned the job. Later Laksh comes to meet her calling Ishwari as intern aunty.