Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th June 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with radha rani influencing Ishwari about the marriage. Radha rani asks her to get down and see the arrangements and they go. The guests asks ishwari if she was worried or not, she says nothing to worry. Asha comes and radha rani begins to taunt her indirectly. Ishwari takes her away. Dev is tensed , elena asks him if he was worried. He says that he is not. While talking he takes nisha’s name as maya , elena finds his mistake. Dev saya yes nisha saying that he is waiting for her.

After that he says that he wants sonakshi to come . Ishwari gets nervous if sonakshi will not come then dev’s engagement will be dome with nisha. Radha rani asks vicky to get dev instead of elena. Radha rani welcomes the brides family. And she praises nisha that she is looking beautiful. Dev comes down. Soha and golu thinks that dev looks very handsome. While dev eagerly waits for sonakshi. Radha rani says that its a very cute couple. Radha rani asks pandit to start puja. She asks elena for the rings. She being very upset gives the rings to radha rani. Nisha observes dev waiting fro someone. Radha rani asks vicky to handle the rings with care. Soha and golu comes with some idea. Radha rani asks dev and nisha to spend some time together.

While ishwari goes to sonakshi’s home. Sonakshi asks if she is okay or not. She says that she has been like a part of her family. She says that she has made a huge mistake. Nisha asks dev why he was nervous. Dev says nothing’s wrong. She asks why did they had divorced each other. Ishwari explains how much she loves her. She says that without her their house is not complete. She asks sonakshi if she will come back in devs life.

She explains how much sona is important in his life. By listening to this nisha goes into deep thoughts. Ishwari apologizes to sonakshi. She says that dev is acting. Ishwari says that isn’t late yet and asks her to stop dev. She tells that she wants all her children to be happy. Sonakshi apologizes to ishwari and leaves.

PRECAP : Sourav and bejoy asks sonakshi to go to their house. Bejoy says that dev might be waiting for her. Sonakshi shows in the dev’s house. Dev gets shocked.