Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Sona telling Bijoy that they both don’t have any relationship. Dev is tensed about Ishwari’s proposal conditions and he looks for Sonakshi. He shares his problems with Golu and also apologizes to him for doing cheating. Dev comes down for dinner but Ishwari doesn’t eat nor drink on forcing by Radha Rani. Radha Rani tells Dev that Ishwari can even go to the extent of going to Bose House and asking Sona for Dev again. Dev gets tensed and goes to meet Sonakshi.

Dev calls Sona and wants to speak to her. He is very tensed and weak even due to ill health. Sona follows him and both go for a drive. Dev and Sonakshi look at each other. But the tyre gets punctured. Sona comes and changes it. On asking by Dev she tells she has learnt everything in these past seven years. Dev tells Sona about Ishwari’s proposal conditions of marrying either Sonakshi or some other girl. Sona says her father will be the most happiest person if Dev gets married. Dev asks Sona about her outlook on this issue. Sona tells Dev to get married to some other girl as they both can’t live together, they can only be friends. Dev gets disheartened and Sona leaves him and sits in the car.

On the other hand Radha Rani and Vicky are tensed about their plans but Vicky consoles her. Bijoy also tries to find Sona but Asha tells him that she will come back. While driving Sona sees a lady and girl standing for an auto. Sona recognises them to be the same as in the photo. Dev and Sona see them going inside Khatri’s room. They both overhear Khatri saying to them that Ishwari did such lot of wrong things with them.

PRECAP: Dev curses Ishwari that she did a big theft and he always worshipped her like God.