Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th April 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Sonakshi telling Dev not to enter Soha’s room. He doesn’t listen but Soha comes and takes a promise from Dev not to enter her room. Bijoy is upset as Sona and Soha are not there but Asha cheers him up by telling that Ronita has cooked a delicious breakfast. He tastes and loves it. They both give Ronita a beautiful necklace as a gift. Dev searches chicken pox on the net and Mamaji consoles him.

Dev brings neem leaves and natural medicines for Soha. Sona comes out of the room with wet hair and Dev just falls for her. They spend some sweet eyelocks. She takes the medicines and smiles. Meanwhile Asha calls Sona to speak to Soha but Sona tells the whole situation of chicken pox. Asha advices her not to tell anything to Bijoy. Elena comes to see Soha and gets emotional. She wants everything to be the same way as it was seven years before. Sona just thinks about it.

Sonakshi comes and drinks water and sees some unusual things happening. She goes out to inspect. Dev on the other hand try to find Sonakshi but Radha Rani comes out of the room instigating Dev against Sonakshi. Dev trying to find out Sonakshi sees her speaking to Jatin and Radha Rani instigates him again. Sonakshi comes back and Dev gets angry on her. She tells him that he is insecure. They both recollect their old memories.

PRECAP: Dev shouts at Sona for being irresponsible but she backfires him saying that she loves her daughter immensely, the same way she used to love Dev. He is scandalized to hear such words.