Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with bejoy calling asha and he asks what Ishwari is doing in his house. Asha explains that Ishwari is their because she wants sona back. Asha says that he is becoming selfish. She says that he will regret this soon. Nisha goes to elena and asks about dev and sonakshi’s relation.

Elena tries to explain the situation but Radha rani inturrupts inbetween. Bejoy encounters ishwari and asks what she was doing their, ishwari says that he is in the same position as she was 8 years ago. Sourav says that it is bejoys mistake, and asks bejoy to ask sorry to sonakshi. Soha asks elena to dance with her. They start dancing. While nisha observes dev that he is eagerly waiting for sonakshi. Ishwari comes home and sees Asha and explains that she cant get sonakshi back , and feels bad. Asha says that she thought sona would had come with her. Elena that what sona has felt being in this home giving her own example as she was also a bahu in this house.

But Ishwari says that she has gone through many thing’s. Bejoy asks sonakshi to go to dev, sonakshi aska bejoy what to do. Sourav explains that she also loves her then she should go. Sonakshi says that he loves him. Sourav tells her that it was a drama. Bejoy tells her to go to , saying dev might be waiting for her. Sonakshi goes to their house, everyone is shocked by seeing sonakshi.

Nisha asks dev to smile as sonakshi is here. Visky forces dev and nisha to dance with each other. They go to dance. But dev cant let her eyes out of sonakshi. Sonakshi feels sad by watching deb and nisha together dancing, she leaves. Ishwari tells sonakshi that dev loves him, and asks her if ahe had came to devs engagement or to stop the engagement. Sourav calls asha and gives the good news to her. Ishwaro requests sonakshi to stop the engagement.

PRECAP : Nisha calls everyone to assemble. Her mother asks why she was yelling. Nisha says that she want to ask some questions to dev and sonakshi and asks dev if he loves sonakshi even now.