Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th March 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th March 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with the rain sequence. Dev and Sona are getting wet in the rain. Sona steps back but Dev is still standing in the rain. Dev pleads to all parents and kids to come and enjoy rain. He tells that we should not sit under the roof and just watching television and mobiles. We should enjoy the rain and become like a kid. First Golu goes followed by other kids and parents but Sona is still standing aside. Finally she allows Suhana to get wet in the rain and she also comes along. Dev asks her for a dance but she refuses so he comments that she should not be like 7 years old Dev. Sona remembers old memories of rain dance with Dev and then gives her hand to him for dance. They share a beautiful dance seeing each other. In between Suhana comes and she sneezes with Sona giving an angry look.

Suhana starts sneezing and Dev sees that because of his stupidity she had fever. He thinks about how to treat Suhana along with other kids. So he calls Ishwari and tells her about his mistake. He asks her about the kadha she used to give him for fever. Ishwari tells him the process of ┬áit and he makes it with the help of the school teacher. He accidentally cuts his finger also but still does it for Suhana. He takes the kadha and goes to Sona’s room where doctor is trying to put injection to her but Soha is not ready for it. She says she will drink kadha and if she doesnt get better she will take the injection. Dev tells her a story of magical powers and makes her drink the whole kadha at one go. She sleeps and Sona starts sneezing he offers her the drink but she refuses instead takes medicine from the doctor.

Sona sees all kids drinking same kadha and she makes fun of it but the teacher informs that kids are becoming better with it and also tells that Mr. Dixit made it. Sona goes in the kitchen and sees blood on the towel. She remembers old days where Dev never used to do even his own work and today he made kadha. Sona sees here and there and drinks the kadha quietly.

Golu, Dev and Soha are playing ludo when Sona comes and sees that Soha is all well. The teacher informs about the bonfire and both of them run leaving Sona and Dev behind in the room alone. They share some eyelock moments. Meanwhile Radha rani comes and brings a snake charmer alongwith Vicky. She tells that Dev is very afraid of snakes so he will run away from the camp seeing a snake. The teacher makes two groups parents and children and start dumb charades.

PRECAP: Everyone tells Dev to stand and enact. Dev comes and says its I LOVE YOU and Sona reciprocates the same. Both stare at each other.