Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th April 2017 Written Update. Khatri re-entry in the story. The episode starts with Dev bringing ayurvedic paste for Soha and Sona applies it as she is in pain. Sona and Dev exchange thanksgiving words between each other. Ronita is cooking in the kitchen and is directed by Saurabh and Bijoy. Sona calls Asha to tell Soha’s condition. Bijoy overhears them and gets furious. He locks Asha and runs towards Dixit house. Golu requests Dev to play with him but his whole mood is towards Soha. Golu gets irritated and goes away. Elena tells Dev to get medicines for Soha.

Meanwhile Bijoy comes and starts shouting at Dixit’s house. They all have lot of arguments but Elena handles the situation. Bijoy leaves and tells Asha that he is very protective about Soha’s. On the other hand Dev sees Jatin and Sona together. Dev gives medicines to Elena. Sona comes back on phone and Dev shouts at her for being an irresponsible mother. She explains him that she loves her daughter unconditionally the same way she used to love him​. Dev is shocked.

Soha cries as she has a bad dream and Dev tells her a story outside the room on Sona’s request. She appreciates and tells him that she is asleep. Asha tries to explain Bijoy that things have changed in these seven years and Dev and people of that house might change also. Vicky and Radha Rani are still plotting against Sonakshi. Sona tells PK to get cold water and again sees someone outside the house. She runs after him and comes faceoff with Khatri.

PRECAP: Dev tells Sona that it is his house and rules will be according to him. He taunts Sona about Jatin being her best friend.