Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th June 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins with sonakshi seeing dev with soha. Dev goes to sonakshi and says that she has been very late. Radha rani intrudes and asks dev to come for the ring exchange. Sonakshi is tensed now. Vicky comes and tells that rings are lost. Golu and soha smile at each other because they are behind all these. Radha rani asks everyone to find the ring.

Dev and sonakshi see each other emotionally. Soha asks golu that where he has hidden that ring. Golu says under the bed. Soha and golu argues with each other for a while. While sonakshi goes to the room. And sees his photo. Radha rani comes and yells at her to go out and leaves. Nisha asks sonakshi what she was doing in dev’s room. Sonakshi says that she remembered something. Dev asks elena not to come after her. Elena asks dev to go to sonakshi and tell her everything. She says that sonakshi also love her.

But he says no. While Soha and golu discusses, sonakshi enters and finds out the ring. Sonakshi asks why they had done this, they say that they both dont want dev to get married. Sonakshi takes the rings with her and remembers her olden days. And during that dev and sonakshi see each other. Nisha comes to sonakshi saying that she wants to talk with her. Nisha asks sonakshi’s help. She asks what gift that she have to present dev. Sonakshi tells to gift hik some time, experience some love to dev.

Sonakshi says that he is perfect. Nisha says that dev told to her that he isn’t perfect. Sonakshi says no, he was perfect. And she goes on asking many things about dev. Sonakshi responses all of it in a postive way. Seeing this nisha goes into deep thoughts.
Nisha loudly calls everyone to come together. She says that she clearly understood everything. She asks dev if he loves sonakshi or not. Sonakshi tries to explain her but she stops her. Nisha asks once again whether he loves sonakshi or not. Dev says yes.

PRECAP : Sonakshi apologizes to dev, that she didn’t knew saying that all things would end up this. Dev gets emotional saying that she is feeling sorry for getting hus engagement cancelled. And leaves, sonakshi goes after her.