Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th March 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th March 2017 Written Update: The episode  starts with the game of dumb charades and Golu starts the game. The kids team won and now its parents turn. Dev comes and starts; Sona taunts him whether he will be able to do or not but Dev performs it and they won it. Meanwhile Vicky and Radha Rani plan and tell the snake charmer to take the snake out and leave it in the garden. Now its Sona’s turn but when she sees the chit she doesnt understand how to react to it because it is written “I Love You”. Dev comes  and Sona starts enacting but before she could even complete it he says i love you and she says too. They share an eyelock in an intense manner. A lady comments that she wishes if she could get a connection like this and Golu is angry.

Meanwhile the snake charmer runs away without informing Vicky and Radha Rani because he has left a wrong snake which is very poisonous. Dev keeps thinking and Golu comes;says he  is angry with that aunty who was unnecessary trying to be flirty with Dev. He says Big Chi would feel bad but Dev says that Sona doesnt love her anymore and he also hates her for hiding Suhana for seven long years. So Golu says he will also hate her but Dev says that he shouldnt do such a thing.

Sona even explains Soha that she and Dev cannot stay together but both the parents love her alot. Radha Rani and Vicky just wish that the snake doesnt go in Golu’s room. Dev along with Golu and Sona alongwith Soha cross each other; Dev shares an eyelock with Sona and then tells Soha to meet at dinner. Sona goes in the room changes and sees a snake; slowly tries to come out of the room but panics. Golu informs Dev that he heard some noise from Soha’s room. Dev comes out and sees all parents; Soha tells that there was a snake in their room. Dev is shocked.

PRECAP: Dev gets panicked hearing about the snake and Sona says that he is scared. Dev says he will go in the room and take it out. A lady tries to say something but Sona interrupts and says its between her and Mr. Obhodro. Dev stares her.