Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th May 2017 Written Update.  Lost family found by Dev and Sonakshi. The episode starts with Dev getting furious over Khatri as he uses harsh words against Ishwari. Sona controls his anger and tells him to speak to the family. Dev goes inside to speak to mother daughter duo. The girl recognises him as Dev Dixit and tells her mom. She is shocked and angry to see him. She curses him alot and her daughter takes a knife and wants to kill him. He says he is ready to sacrifice his life if she forgives his mother Ishwari. He keeps on apologising from both of them.

Sona tries to make her understand that Ishwari was trying to find out about the family but was not able to. She asks them to speak to Ishwari if she has any doubts. On the other hand Bijoy is tensed and Asha controls him saying that they are not kids right now and he should keep patience.

Sona dials the call to Ishwari and she picks up the phone. She recognizes the voice and calls her Memsaab. She keeps on apologising to her, crying, sobbing. She tells that as they used to go to Vaishno Devi, similar manner she went to find out about them. The lady named Malti starts abusing, cursing her saying that she spoilt her sister in law’s life, her daughter’s life, her husband died all because of her. Ishwari keeps on crying, but Malti says that she will always curse them and their family will never be happy. That is the reason of his son also asking for forgiveness. Ishwari is shocked to hear it.

Khatri again comes back and tries to incite them but Sona snubs him back and tells Malti and Kajal to use their brains. Ishwari is shocked and she keeps on dreaming about Dev cursing and blaming her for the theft. Dev is quite disturbed and he starts crashing rear view mirror of a person’s car. Sona controls him while on other side Soha sees a bad dream and gets up wanting to talk to Dev. Ishwari calls up Dev and she is shocked to hear Sona’s voice.

PRECAP: Dev and Sonakshi come back and Ishwari asks forgiveness from him. She starts feeling​ weak and faints down.