Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th January 2017 Episode begins with a leap of 7 years. A big and beautiful house has been shown. A girl is seen recording video of the house using her phone. Asha Bose says everything has been changed in these 7 year. Asha expresses her feelings to write a great book, she is still trying to write a book but she is not able to. Sonakshi is seen talking with someone on her phone. Sonakshi’s voice is serious and she seems to have achived a lot. Sonakshi has started a big business in these 7 year and she has fired someone for not fulling her work. Asha and Bijoy are arguing about he let Sonakshi get married to a bad man.

A small girl is seen smiling and Bijoy calls her Soha. She introduces herself as Suhaana Bose, Mrs Bose. Sonakshi wants to go to Delhi but Soha don’t to go to Delhi. Suhaana calls Asha by her name and Bijoy ask her why did she called her by her name. Suhaana replies back cutely and says why you have problem as Soha calls Bijoy not by her name.

Another is scene is show. Its Dixit mansion. Radha Rani is looking like a Rani in her premium dress. Radha and new servant meets. Radha Rani orders servant to do work and she is seen controlling the Dixit house. A boy is seen standing on gate and he is Golu. Anoterh scene: Sonakshi Bose got a new look and Vaqt me kiya kya haseen sitam plays in background. Sonakshi is seen hugging her daughter Suhaana. Bijoy and Asha watching mother and daughter’s duo. Sonakshi takes Bijoy’s medicine and hands over them to Bijoy. However, Bijoy says he don’t want. Bijoy says that as Sonakshi is not listening to him hence he will not listen to her as well. Bijoy wants Mrs Chuiya Bose (Soha) to go and play as Bijoy wants to talk with Sonakshi alone.

Another scene: Radha Rani watches the boy standing on gate. Vicky is seen wearing a premium suit. Eleena has got a makeover as well. Eleena is going for photoshoot. Whereas, Vicky wants Eleena to go to P.T.M of Golu (their child). Vicky has to go to a meeting hence he can’t go to school. Eleena and Vicky confronts, Eleena reveals that he didn’t want to get a pregnany but because Radha Rani she had to. Whereas, Radha Rani is seen taking care of Golu. Vicky and Eleena wants Radha to go to school for P.T.M. A servant brings green tea for Radha Rani. Servant suggests Radha to not go to P.T.M as she will get insulted by teachers because Golu brings zero marks in his exam. Radha Rani rethinks and changes her decission.

Suhaan reveals that Sonakshi has got woman of the year award. Sonaskhi tells Suhaan about Delhi. Sonakshi reveals that her father is in Delhi. When Sonakshi asks Soha about her achievement, Soha tells about woman of the year award but Sonakshi says her achievement is Suhaana. Sonakshi says that after Suhaana came, she got inspiration from Sohaana. Sonakshi learnt to not cry after getting Suhaana. Sonakshi and Suhaan says I love you to each other. Now Sonakshi reveals her bad decision of marrying Dev. She thought he was her prince charming but he wasn’t. Suhaan asks about her dad. Sonakshi tells he is a good guy. Sonakshi is going to Delhi for a business deal which only she can do. Suhaan asks Sonakshi her father name. Sonakshi reveals ‘Mr Dev”, “Mr Devrath Dixit”.

Radha Rani decides to not go to school. Radha wants Golo chacha aka Dev to go to school with him. Golu asks Radha about Dev, she says ask your badi dadi. Golu runs and calls Badi Dadi Badi Dadi. Ishwari is seen in a plane dress and she is seen upset. Golu asks Ishwari about Dev and Ishwari says that he hasn’t come since 7 year. Golu says what, he came hours ago only. Golu leaves and Ishwari says I spent these 7 year like 7 decades.

Soha is again asking about Dev, her father. Sonakshi says you will go Delhi with her. She will meet several relatives. Furthermore, Sona says Soha that she can even meet Dev. Sonakshi wants Soha to take her decision whether to meet Dev or not. Soha wants to recreate Kuch Kuch Hota where she will reunite Sonakshi with Dev. But, Sonakshi says real life is diff. Sonakshi also reveals that she don’t want to reunite with Dev ever again. Soha reveals that Dev got nothing, not even her. Sonakshi says you can talk to your dad on phone, she has his old number. Soha wants 5 minutes to decide.

A school has been shown. Girls and moms are talking about Dev who is hot and cool. A car stops. Everyone assumes Dev has come but its golu in car. Dev is coming in a bike and he seen wearing a cool jacket and glasses. He is riding a expensive bike. Dev removes his helmet and showoffs his hair. Dev does a wassup with Golu. Screen spilts and Dev-Golu and Sona-Soha has been seen.

Precap: Soha says I am calling dad. She says I will live with Dev forever. Sonakshi shocked. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam plays.