Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 16th match 2017 written update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th March 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Dev who has already caught the snake and loaded it in a black bag. So he plans to throw it away in the jungle but Suhana tells Dev that he will not go alone in the jungle. He has to take her mumma Sona along with him because it will be very dangerous in the jungle as it is quite dark. Meanwhile Radha Rani tries to demoralize Ronita and her mother in reference to marriage with Saurabh. She says that he has diabetes and his father Bijoy interferes alot in their kids life.

Sona and Dev are fighting in the jungle. She wants to say thanks to Dev but tells him due this attitude she didnt get the opportunity to do that even. They leave the snake in the jungle but for going back to the camp they still have disagreements. Sona and Dev go in different direction and keep on getting irritated on each other. Sona gets hurt and faints; Dev comes and picks her up as it starts raining. Ronita calls Saurabh and tells that some woman gave lift to them and told some rubbish things about them. Saurabh comes to know that it is Garib Ki Beti and Bijoy also overhears him.

On the other hand the teacher shows stars to the children through the telescope especially the bright one. Suhana are tensed about Dev and Sona but Golu explains this is the best time that they can be together and then they might unite; so Golu and Soha might stay together in the same house. Bijoy comes irritated to Dixit’s and scolds Ishwari, Radha Rani to stay out of their lives but Radha Rani refuses to accept it. They have lot of arguments amongst them and Bose family goes. Even Elena is shocked to hear it. Vicky scolds Radha Rani for speaking rubbish and Ishwari overhears them. She warns Radha Rani to stay out of their life but Radha Rani in turn fills her ears against the Bose family.

Dev sees Sona sleeping; she gets up and is in pain. They have lot of arguments between them and when Dev sees Sona in extreme pain he gets tensed.

PRECAP: Dev says he can do anything for his daughter Soha because she has stayed seven years away from him; Ishwari calls and Dev cant hear her voice but Ishwari hears Sona saying that if Dev would have accepted them seven years back they would have been a happy family.

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