Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Sona telling Dev to​ return back to his house. Bijoy is tensed about Sonakshi and keeps on asking Asha. She tells him to calm down.

Asha calls Elena to confirm about Sona and she comes to know about Dev and Sonakshi. She turns around and sees Ronita, Bijoy and Saurabh hearing her. Bijoy smells something fishy and calls up Jatin for confirmation about Sona. He keeps on calling Sonakshi but she picks up the phone at last and Bijoy comes to know that she is with Dev. He gets tensed and all his family members try to console him.

Dev and Sonakshi come back and Radha Rani sees them together. She goes to Vicky and Elena’s room where they are romancing with each other. She tells Vicky about Sonakshi and Dev’s closeness. Dev and Sonakshi come inside the house and Ishwari is standing in front of them. Sona explains everything about Khatri and things which took place when she was not there.

Ishwari doesn’t say anything to her but starts crying and sobbing asking apology from Dev. Everyone comes out and start asking about the tensed atmosphere. Ishwari starts telling that she is a thief and did this for her kids. Everyone including Radha Rani is shocked. She starts crying and telling about her blunder, but D v supports her when suddenly she falls down on the ground. Sona and Dev get panicked​ and she gives her medicine but feels it’s a heart attack. They rush to the hospital with Mamiji’s interference in between.

Saurabh calls Sona and tells about the heart attack. Everyone is shocked and Asha along with Saurabh go to meet Ishwari but Asha tells Bijoy that she is very disappointed with his unruly and selfish behavior. On the other hand Dev and Sonakshi come together hugging each other and Sona supporting him. Radha Rani fumes in anger.

PRECAP: Dev asks God to grant him his mother as he is ready to bow his head in front of him.