Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th March 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th March 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Dev teasing Sona that who dont listen to warnings they get hurt. Sona stops Dev and asks where is he going; he teases Sona with her calling as feminist, strong and independent girl and asks for help. Dev hears this in shock and makes faces. Radha Rani instigates Ishwari against Bose family that Sona wants to come back to this house. Dev teases Sona continuously that she should ask for help in a submissive way. Dev holds Sona in her lap but rain starts so he comes back and puts her goes to get wood for fire.

Radha Rani still keeps on making Ishwari go against Sona telling her that she is still there with Suhana in the summer camp and Ishwari goes from there becoming disheartened. Dev brings wooden sticks there and tries to tie it to Sona to give her comfort. Their taunt continues and Ishwari on other hand is thinking what Radha Rani told her. Now Sona is making fun of Dev being afraid. They both taunt each other on their lives and come close to each other remembering olden days and share some sweet moments with each other. Sona starts feeling cold and he puts shawl on her.

Ishwari tries to call Dev but he is not reachable. Sona tells Dev that he can do anything for Soha. He says she is a part of him and he doesnt want to lose her. The phone rings and Dev couldnt listen but Ishwari listens Sona saying to Dev that if seven years before he would have accepted them it would have been a happy family. Ishwari is shocked. Dev says that its time to go and Sona says she doesnt want to stay with him for a minute even. Soha and Golu are waiting for them. That teacher also tells the children to go back but she is shocked to hear that Sona and Dev have not come back. Dev and Sona return to the camp and Soha asks her mumma whether she got hurt and who put the stick. Sona tells that Mr. Dixit helped her out and Soha thanks him. Sona cant go to the room as she cant walk even so Dev helps her to go to the room. Golu says that Big Cha and Big Chi should stay together so that they could both stay with each other. She smiles.

PRECAP:Soha tells Sona and Dev that she wants to stay with both of them but Dev refuses but Soha says she will stay with both else she will stay without any of them.

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