Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Radha Rani and Vicky conspiring against Dev and Sonakshi. Radha Rani tells Vicky that she doesn’t want any bad thing to happen to Dev and Ishwari. Vicky tells her that they will reveal Ishwari’s truth if they take them out of their house. Elena calls Vicky to inquire about Ishwari but he scolds her. Soha asks Elena but she avoids it. Soha also understands that she is lying also.

Ronita goes to Bijoy and tries to explain him that for every daughter father is a very important person and in a similar manner Soha also loves Dev alot. Bijoy tries to understand but still is stubborn. Dev and Sonakshi get tensed after doctors conversation. Dev gets disheartened and comes in front of God. He requests God that he has given him lots of punishments due to his faults but now he doesn’t want God to punish his mother for all his deeds.

Ronita again comes to Bijoy to give him medicines but he scolds her. Bijoy’s mom comes and scolds him in return for being unfair to people even in their difficult times. She says that this was not her teachings and again snubs him. Asha comes to the hospital and supports Sona but she says that all these things happened because of her. She interfered in their matter and all these things followed.

The doctor gives him good news that she is better and everyone is relieved. Dev comes to meet Ishwari and the nurse always advices Dev to give her soft food and take care of her. Sona tells Soha that her parents would take care of her Dadi.

PRECAP: Sona comes to Dev, and Malti and Kajal comes to meet Ishwari in the hospital.