Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Dev taking care of his mom. Bijoy calls up the hospital to enquire about Ishwari’s conditions and makes sure of it that his identity is not disclosed. Ishwari apologizes to Dev for her theft and mistake. Dev says that she doesn’t need to apologise as she has given him lots of love, even brought her kids up with great difficulties. Radha Rani tells Vicky about the girl she has chosen for Dev.

Elena tries to convince the kids about not going to the hospital. Vicky comes back and gets into an argument with Elena. Sonakshi comes to meet Ishwari and brings Malti and Kajal along with her. They touch Ishwari’s feet and Malti says that it’s all because of Sona that they came to know about the truth. The episode goes in flashback showing the reality of Khatri. Sona comes to meet Kajal and tells her about the plan. She calls Khatri to tell him that Ishwari has suffered a heart attack and because of the stress they are ready to give everything to him including half of business. Khatri becomes greedy and accepts his fault that major portion of the theft he did and put the blame on Ishwari. He even mislead Malti and Kajal all these years. When he turns back he sees both mother daughter duo overhearing.

Khatri is shocked and tries to harm Sona but Jatin and Saurabh comes to rescue. On the other hand, Malti apologizes to Ishwari and Dev takes the responsibility of both of them. Ishwari and Dev are shocked to see Sonakshi’s concern and courage towards the family. Ishwari is teary eyed and sees Sona. Radha Rani overhears everything cursing Sona.

PRECAP: Ishwari calls Sona and gives her a big hug thanking her and Dev is shocked as well as emotional to see it.