Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th April 2017 Written Update. Dev – Sonakshi’s​ misunderstandings. The episode starts with Sonakshi asking mamaji about Ishwari and Dev comes in between. Dev starts arguing with Sona and reminds her of his rules and regulations. In the kitchen Sonakshi’s tries to takeout truth from Radha Rani about Khatri but she is also clueless about her questions. Sonakshi’s calls Jatin to keep an eye on Khatri and goes to meet him. She tells Elena to take care of Soha. Dev overhears all the conversation between them. He follows Sona and sees her and Jatin together in front of the same coffee house where they used to go.

Soha and Golu start playing together with mamaji. Asha and Bijoy spend some cute moments together and decide to go to a resort. Coincidentally they reach the same resort where Saurabh and Ronita decide to reside. Soha plays prank on Radha Rani and Golu and mamaji start laughing and making fun of her. Dev clicks a video of both Sona and Jatin. He comes back home being disturbed.

On the other hand, the cafe shopkeeper comes and makes Sona remember all her moments spent with Dev in the same cafe. Khatri comes and Sona goes to meet him. She tries to bribe him with money but he refuses saying that no one can stop him from meeting Ishwari. Sona urges him to refrain from Dixit house and Ishwari but Khatri warns her. Dev is disturbed and Elena comes to share his problem. She tells him that Dev and Sona both should discuss things to smoothen out everything. Khatri tells Sonakshi’s that she would be shocked to know about Ishwari’s deeds.

PRECAP: Khatri tells Sonakshi’s that Ishwari did a crime in her young days and he has the proof of it. Sonakshi’s is shocked.