Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st August 2017 Written Episode

The episode starts with Dev inviting Sona’s staff into his house. Sona sees her staff and gets all the more irritated. She scolds the whole staff and tells them to leave. She argues with Dev and tries to convince him that she loves him too but needs space for her decisions and choices too. Dev also explains her the way he loves her. Ishwari overhears their argument and is shocked.

Dev tells Ishwari about the same but she is confused between the two and both leave in opposite directions. Dev goes to his room saying that why Sona is not able to understand his love. Golu tells Radha Rani about his meeting with Vicky and even that he and Soha lied to Ishwari. Soha also lies to Ishwari about not feeling hungry as she had a friend’s birthday. Radha Rani tells Golu to never tell lies and Elena tells her that she believes that Vicky will come back becoming a better person.

Ishwari comes to Sona and explains the difference between the love of a mother child and husband wife. Asha and Ronita discuss about the small clothes and Bijoy, Saurabh take part in their discussion.

Ishwari comes to Dev but he shuns away from her. Mamaji also explains Ishwari that this time she should interfere to save Devakshi’s relationship. She should tell Dev that there’s a difference between her love and Dev-Sona’s. Ishwari is confused but tries to understand the situation.

Dev comes in the kitchen and Ishwari seeing him recollects his past seven years. Ishwari tries to tell Dev about the difference of love and even Sona’s point of view. She loves him alot but all her happiness is because of her husband. Dev nods his head.

PRECAP: Sona drains herself in rain and Dev comes to give her shelter but she asks for a date.