Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st June 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Sona making Dev understand the meaning of living alone. So Dev finally agrees to remarry only if Sona is ready and she wants it. Dev will also fulfil all deals of friendship but Sona has to stay till the end and after marriage never look back for him. Sona becomes sad goes back. Bijoy asks Sona to sit for a while but she is sad.

Asha comes to meet her and overhears her conversation with Ishwari where Sona tells that Dev has agreed to remarry. Asha still tells her that she is not doing right. Ishwari is shocked with Soha but she explains to Soha that everything will be fine. Radha Rani comes to show some pics of girls for Dev but Ishwari tells that this is part of the plan; in actual It’s Sona and Dev to be together ultimately.

Radha Rani comes to Vicky telling her about Ishwari’s plan but she says that there’s a girl selected for Dev and she will be their puppet. On the other hand, Dev is sad but Ishwari comes to ask him whether he would like to meet several girls and he becomes ready to do so. Ishwari is shocked. She is tensed and tells Mamaji about it. But he consoles her saying that they will realise themselves if they truly love each other.

Asha calls Ishwari to meet her urgently. Ishwari comes and Asha discloses that they both still live each other but are not accepting it. She is unnecessary forcing to remarry Dev. Bijoy tries to cheer Sona but she is still sad. Ishwari tells Asha that she also wants their reunion but they are not accepting and understanding it. She urges Asha to support her and thereby she agrees.

PRECAP: Sona is waiting for Dev and asks Ishwari about he getting late to meet the girl but he comes and Sona is mesmerized seeing him.