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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st May 2017 Written Update.                                                  The episode starts with Radha Rani confronting Sonakshi to takeout​ the matter between Dev and Sonakshi as to why they are caring so much for each other. Sonakshi makes fun of her and tells her to ask Dev. Elena overhears their conversation and calls Asha. She tells her about Dev and Sonakshi relationship being positive. Asha feels good about it and tells Elena about her happiness for them. Saurabh overhears Asha and feels happy for Sonakshi.

Asha comes outside Dev’s house and remembers rules of the deal. She is going back but Dev stops her and says that Dev’s friend can get an entry into Dixit house as per the deal. Dev takes her inside ; Radha Rani and Vicky get furious. Dev goes inside the kitchen to get juice for her and Vicky comes to taunt him. He makes Dev realize that he is treating Sonakshi like a princess again. Dev retaliates and says that she is Soha’s mother and Asha is Sonakshi’s mom. He goes out and sees that Radha Rani is taunting Asha. Dev speaks to Radha Rani rudely and sends her inside. Asha wants to leave but Elena comes and greets her.

Meanwhile Ronita sees Saurabh’s mobile and gets shocked to see his msgs from unknown number. Ronita asks Saurabh so he says that he is going to meet his friend Kanika. Ronita explains him the importance of possessiveness. Sona comes and asks Dev about her mom. He narrates the whole incident. She is worried and Dev starts with the girls boys attitude lecture. Sonakshi goes to Elena’s room and asks about Asha. She tells her the whole story and Sonakshi shouts at her. She tells her that they both care for each other and thats enough. Dev overhears the conversation thinks she will tell Asha the reality of his mother and tells Sona that he is going to pick up Soha.

PRECAP: Sona tells Asha that the relationship between Dev and her is just upto Doha. Asha assures that she will not assume anything. She asks about Dev’s problem and Dev overhears it.