Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th April 2017 Written Update. Dev Sonakshi’s major confrontation. The episode starts with Soha hugging Dev and expresses that she missed her father. Dev also missed Soha. On the other hand, Sonakshi warns Khatri to stay away from her family and he also taunts her. He refuses the bribe and says he has the proof of what Ishwari did in her youth. She did some big crime and the proof is in room no. 12. He tells that how did Dev become so successful. Sona says by hard work but Khatri again puts sarcastic comments on her. He tells her to stay away from their matter and leaves.

Meanwhile Ronita and Saurabh, Asha and Bijoy are staying at the same hotel. They are agitated by their poor service and come to the reception to complain. There both of them meet and share some cute moments. Sona comes home and sees a video featuring Sona and Jatin sitting in the car on a big screen. She is shocked. Moreover Dev puts all her luggage into the guest room breaking the rules. She asks but Dev scolds her. When she comes in the room she sees a picture of both Sona and Jatin on the wall. She gets more irritated. She asks Dev and he shouts on her.

Dev fumes with anger her and asks repeatedly what is her relationship with Jatin. He keeps on blaming her for making a fool out of him. He loved her and she broke his heart. He cries in pain and says he doesn’t want to live here​ in Dixit house with her.  Dev leaves the house and Sona is also hurt. Soha and Golu also understand the plight of Dev and Sonakshi

PRECAP: Sonakshi says that this time she needs Dev to solve this problem. She cries badly and misses him.