Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Update. Sona’s love acceptance towards Dev. The episode starts with Sona making her mood happy by playing with Golu and Soha. Mamaji taunts Vicky about banks being closed at this time and Radha Rani and Vicky retaliate telling that if Ishwari did not win any lottery in the past things would have not changed. Sona overhears them and a phone call rings. It’s the call of a company man but actually it is Khatri. Sona takes out the batteries carefully and goes to find Dev. He is not there in his room and Elena comes to explain Sona that they both care for each other, still don’t accept it. Dev is sad and hurt so he left the house​ and will come after a week​. Sonakshi’s gets emotional seeing Dev’s photo and cries remembering all the moments spent with Dev and expressing that there is still some feelings left between them.

She keeps on crying and wants Dev to be with her for the fight with Khatri he being unknown of the fact. On the other hand Dev also remembers Sona and Jatin’s moments spent together and is hurt. Mamaji comes and sees Sona crying. He explains her to come back but she says Dev threw her out and Ishwari can’t accept the relationship between Dev and Sonakshi. Mamiji still tells her to rethink .

In the morning Sonakshi’s goes to the place where Khatri told about room no. 12 but it is locked. A lady comes to ask who Sonakshi is. She tells that some family lived in this room and on the day of marriage there was a big theft and they left the other day. Sona asks about Ishwari and the lady scolds her saying that she is a Goddess. Sona leaves and reaches her own house. They all spent some beautiful moments. Even Elena and Vicky speak to each other after long time and he cares for Elena. Asha explains Ronita to be part of the family and Sonakshi over hears it. Asha tells Sona that it is important to have trust in a relationship. Sona thinks about her and Dev’s​ broken relationship.

  • PRECAP: Khatri warns Sona that she went to the room and tells her to get Ishwari in 24 hours else he will open the secret infront of everyone.