Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st March 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Sonakshi trying to pacify Soha but she is not ready to listen to her. On the other hand, Ishwari is thinking about Radha Rani’s words and Mamaji is trying to console her. But she   says that with Suhana Sonakshi will also come back into Dev’s life. Dev hears it and gets angry. He asks her that whether she wants Sonakshi to be out of Soha’s life which is not possible. He tells her about Soha’s deal and says that he refused to stay with Sonakshi. So she should be happy now and he leaves being disheartened.

Soha meets her Dadu and Dida and tells them that she called Dev papa. Bijoy is upset and Asha asks Sona about Soha’s abrupt behaviour. Sona tells her about the whole scenario at the camp but Asha asks her whether she also trusts Dev. Sona says its not about them but Asha tells that they both have a link common and that is Soha. Dev tries to find out about the condition of Soha through Golu but she scolds him and hangs the call. Sona sees this and goes to meet Dev and they both share some old memories with each other.

Dev is waiting in the morning to meet Soha outside Sona’s house. Sonakshi comes and they have an argument regarding which mode of transport to reach faster to meet Soha in school. They go in the school to meet Soha but she doesnt tell them anything. Dev in the office is tensed about Soha and tells Sonakshi that they have to find a solution for this problem. She suggests Jatin’s name as Soha is very close to her but Dev gets angry. Ronita and her mother apologizes for their behaviour and family decides for their marriage dates to fix as soon as possible. Dev reaches school with Sonakshi to meet Soha again but Golu comes and tells that she was very sad and got scolding from the teacher even as well as didnt have her lunch. Dev and Sona are tensed and shocked.

PRECAP: Soha tells Bijoy to book a ticket for her, dadu and Asha as if her parents cant live together she will stay with her grandparents only.

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