Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Soha coming back from school and bringing a cute dress for the unborn. Sona as well as Ishwari get emotional seeing Soha’s concern for the baby. Sona is sleeping due to nausea and Dev comes  to meet her. Dev tells her that he cares for both the child and  mom who’s so cute. Ishwari and Radha Rani comes to see Sona and she is sleeping. Suddenly she gets up and again wants to go to the washroom. Sona thinks it’s not clean but Dev being a supportive hubby cleans himself. Ishwari, mamiji and Sona pull Dev’s leg. Soha prays for the new baby and Golu tries to tease her.

Dev cuts the date on the calendar when it is her ultrasound. On the other hand, Ishwari is tensed and Radha Rani consoles her. Sona gets up acting like she got up from sleep and Dev says that she didn’t sleep the whole night. Ishwari comes to tell them to get ready for the hospital and she would not be accompanying them as she will be more comfortable at home.

Dev and Sonakshi go to the hospital and the doctor starts the ultrasound showing them the heartbeat of the kid. They both are very happy, but the doctor suddenly has to leave for some emergency.

Soha and Golu come from school and Ishwari speaks to them. Golu tries to tell Soha that when the baby comes there will be no one to love her. Soha is confused and Golu tells that now he even doesn’t tell his parents for a kid. Sona and Dev are worried as they are not able to see the heartbeat in the ultrasound. Dev tries to get the doctor but she is busy with some emergency. Dev takes everything in his hands and does the ultra sound on his own. Bijoy is super tensed but Asha and Saurabh try to cool him down. Dev reacts abruptly with the doctor and when he comes back sees the heartbeat, they both are relieved.

Sona and Dev start back from ultrasound and Sona scolds Dev for starting the car improperly. Ishwari calls her and tells that Soha is not at home neither at her friends place. Sona gets tensed along with Dev and they decide to find her out through her friends numbers. Ishwari us also tensed and shocked.

PRECAP: Dev keeps all his clothes in a bag to which Bijoy asks Asha and he replies that he is going to stay with Sona at her home. Sona says sorry to him for hurting his sentiments.


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