Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts when Dev takes Sona to drop home overhearing and remembering Radha Rani’s evil words. Dev is tensed and Sona keeps on asking as to why is he upset. He stops the bike. She keeps on telling him that there is no need of thanks but Dev comes close and they share some cute moments. Dev tells that his mom didn’t drink medicine from her hand. Sona covers up the fault and they again share some emotional moments.

Dev drops Sona and she calls for tea but Dev refuses. But again he agrees just to see whether Bijoy gets angry or not. They both come inside and Bijoy taunts him as to why he is there. Dev starts preparing tea along with Asha and they start a conversation. Dev tells Asha that Ishwari didn’t thank Sona and their relationship has not changed yet. Dev goes in Sona’s room and he gets engrossed in her beauty and recalls his beautiful features.

Dev brings Ishwari back home and is greeted by Malti and Kajal. They thank Ishwari and Dev for the help as he gives Kajal job in his company. Dev takes Ishwari back to his room and sees balloons in her room . She is very happy and Golu and Soha gives her a surprise. Dev keeps his point across Ishwari of doing something special for Sona. Ishwari is shocked but she still asks Dev. He wants to call them for dinner and urges Ishwari to speak to them. Bijoy picks up the call and asks about her health. She speaks to Sona and she reluctantly agreed to Ishwari’s dinner proposal. Radha Rani is shocked.

PRECAP: Dev and Sonakshi speak to each other on video call. Dev tells her that she has to get ready for dinner not for their marriage.