Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Sona trying to find out about the diary and then finds Soha at Bose house. Then she tells that she’s hiding from both of them as Golu told her that love would be divided between her and the baby. Soha wants all love to be given to the small baby. Dev tells her about the ultrasound and she is excited to hear it.

Next morning, Sona gets up and Dev is staring her. She asks about his stare and Dev is surprised that she’s not at all throwing any tantrums. Then she says about her wish to have halwa. Dev goes to Ishwari and sees Asha and Bijoy. They all pull Dev’s leg and spend some good family moments. Asha goes to meet Sona and she’s very irritated due to her mood swings in the seventh month. She has a craving for non vegetarian food but can’t eat at Dixit’s so wants to go to her own house.

On the other hand, Golu is sad and Vicky brings lots of gifts for him. But he says that he misses Dixit House and it’s environment. There were lots of activities and family love. Vicky also recollects all the memories as well as the company papers which Dev handed him at Soha’s birthday. He too gets emotional as well as guilty of his deeds.

Dev is cleaning the room but Sona is getting irritated with lots of emotional outbursts. Dev brings halwa but now she wants to have non veg food and Dev is shocked to hear it. Ishwari is stunned listening to Asha’s words and is unhappy. Asha wants to take Sona for last two months and Ishwari unwillingly accepts it. Vicky is tensed and Elena comes, he tells about Golu’s wish and wants to go back to Dixit House. Elena supports him and says that everyone loves and misses him otherwise Dev wouldn’t have given the company papers to him. Vicky is shocked hearing Elena on this issue.

Vicky asks her as how she knows about it. She tells that everyone misses him and it will be better if we go there and speak up. Vicky tries to understand her words. Dev packs Sona’s clothes and she apologize to Dev. He also packs up his bag and Sona says she has hurt ma even. Sona goes to Ishwari to say sorry and she says that if Sona has taken a decision it would be perfect. But now even she has a request to be made as Ishwari also wants to go with Sona and take care of her. Everyone becomes emotional and are very happy.

PRECAP: Soha tells that now she has a younger brother and Dev is excited to see him. He sees the baby and becomes emotional after picking him up.


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