Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd June 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Sonakshi conversing in Dixit house to ishwari, she tells her that she wishes if they three would have been here. Ishwari says yes. Later Ishwari asks for the house keys to give to Sonakshi, Radha Rani reluctantly gives the keys to Ishwari to hand over to Sonakshi. Radha Rani feels jealous and irritated. Ishwari hands over the the responsibility of the whole house to her Bahu.

Elena takes Sonakshi and Dev to their room. It’s a surprise for them, Soha and Golu asks them as to why is the room so decorated. Sonakshi feels shy and asks Elena to explain. She tells both the kids to leave . Dev tells them to stay there while he will go to Ishwari. Dev goes to Ishwari and thanks her. He says that she is like a magician, Ishwari says that he must thank Sonakshi.

On the other hand Radha Rani is upset because she doesnt have the keys. She complaints and takes out her irritation of Ishwari and Sonakshi on Vicky. She says that she managed this house till 7 years but Ishwari gave it to Sonakshi as soon as she came. On the other hand Dev comes to his room where Sonakshi is waiting for him. She tells him if the room is little weird , Dev says it is not. She tells him that Ishwari gave the whole house responsibility to her but she didn’t take it.

But she thinks that it should be given to her by Radha Rani rani as she is handling the house till now. Vicky gets frustrated , but Sona  enters the room and hands over the keys to Radha Rani. But Radha Rani denies, Sonakshi tells her that she is the best person to handle the house and puts the keys on the table and leaves. Sonakshi goes to her room.

And they have cute little talk, Dev says that he feels that it is a dream come true for him. Dev asks her to speak something as he wants to hear her voice. Sonakshi speaks about Soha that when she was born she told paa as her first word. Next morning Ishwari sees Radha rani having house keys. But later Sonakshi explains the whole situation to Ishwari.

PRECAP : Sonakshi tries to call Riya. Riya picks up the call. Sonakshi introduces herself and she wants to talk to her. Riya angrily warns her not to call her again and bangs the phone.