Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Ishwari being smitten and Radha Rani irritated. Bijoy gets angry and says that he will not go for dinner but everyone else agrees for it. Even Jatin also makes fun of Bijoy and convinces him for the same. Dev comes to Elena and tells her to buy something for Sonakshi. Elena is very happy to see Dev’s changed behavior.

Dev and Sonakshi chat with each other on video call. Sona is indecisive about her clothes so Dev tells her that it is just a dinner and not their marriage. They share some beautiful moments on video call. Golu and Soha instruct the maid for a special surprise but he refuses and ultimately agrees.

Ishwari and Mamaji spend some emotional moments together and she asks forgiveness from him. He consoles her. Dev sends two cars for Bose family. Sona and Dev spend some light hearted moments with Saurabh and Ronita along with Bijoy. When they reach Ishwari Niwas, Bijoy is skeptical about this dinner. But Dadiji, Asha try to brainwash his thoughts. Dev comes to greet them with lots of thanks. Everyone is overwhelmed with his attitude.

Ishwari and everyone greets them but Radha Rani still taunts them especially Ronita but she snubs her back saying that she is very happy with Saurabh. They all settle down and mocktails start. Soha comes and expresses about the perfect family picture of staying together. Everyone is shocked. Ishwari thanks Sona along with Saurabh and Jatin even for their help to her. Radha Rani and Vicky’s sarcastic comments continue but they are been snubbed by Jatin. Bijoy asks Asha the reason for Ishwari’s changed behavior and he is shocked.

PRECAP: Dev tells Sona that he is the reason behind all misunderstandings and their broken relationship seven years back.