Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th April 2017 Written Update. Sonakshi in wait of Dev.          The episode starts with Sonakshi calling up Elena and asking for Dev. He is back but soon leaves again and doesnt come back. Sonakshi calls him as his bike passes her car but he seem to be unheard. Khatri comes and meet Sonakshi; he again warns her to be away from him and tells her not to go to that room. He orders her to get Ishwari otherwise he would publish the proof in front of the whole world. Meanwhile Bijoy tries to open Asha’s laptop to read her book but it gets locked due to wrong password. Afterwards Asha tells him that it is unethical of him to do such a thing and creates a new password without telling him.

Sona keeps on waiting for Dev but he doesn’t come back. Soha even asks for breakfast but Sonakshi doesnt feel like eating. She wants to tell Dev everything. But he is not there with her in this problem. Soha urges her to tell Dev when he comes back to meet her and then Sona and Dev can together eat food. Asha comes in Sona’s room and becomes sad remembering Sonakshi and Dev’s marriage day as it is their anniversary. Bijoy consoles Asha and Ronita overhears them. Golu and Soha are baking a cake as Mamaji tells Golu that it is Dev and Sonakshi’s anniversary. Sonakshi overhears and remembers their anniversary.

Khatri calls Sonakshi when she is thinking about the solution and tells her that she doesnt know anything about Ishwari as well as Dev but he knows everything. Today he will tell everything to Dev about Ishwari’s crime. Sonakshi gets scared and Golu tells her that when he is sad he goes to his secret places. Sona remembers the whole incident when he proposed her and decides to go to all those places. Radha Rani tells Vicky to follow Jatin and Sona but he refuses and then she decides to follow them. But unfortunately she ends up in a fight with the taxi driver. On the other hand, Sonakshi goes to the hospital where he was born, to the school and even to the place in the chawl where they used to live but she doesnt find him.

PRECAP: Sonakshi reaches the farm house and sees his bike. She is happy to find him but on the other side she sees Khatri knocking his door and smiling. She is shocked and scared.