Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th March 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th March Written Update. Sona and Dev reunite for Soha’s sake. The episode starts with​ Dev taking a decision of staying with SOha along with Sona. Ishwari is upset with Dev’s decision but Asha and Mamaji support them. Everyone leaves but Bijoy fumes with anger but Sona tells him to go back to the house and would explain him later.  Dev and Sona are sitting in their office to discuss the pros and cons of them staying together.

Dev says that Sona will come and stay at Bose house. Sona is shocked; she refused bluntly. She gives a proposal of Dev staying at Bose house. Both are arguing with each other and then they take out a solution that both will stay one week at each other’s place. Sona comes back and speaks to Soha as she is waiting for Sona. Bijoy is still angry. Dev in his room is thinking about his conversation with Soha and he is tensed about staying at Bose house. Next day it’s Saurabh’s aashirwad ceremony. Everyone is very happy and when it’s Sona’s turn he urges Jatin to do the ritual along with Sona. Sona teases Saurabh and Ronita.

Dev decides to leave but Radha Rani plunges in between and asks him to rethink his decision. Dev gets angry and says nothing will change because he loves Soha and do anything for her. Mamaji supports him and Ishwari unwillingly sends Dev to Bose house. A beautiful dance is performed by Saurabh and Ronita which is enjoyed and everyone participates in it. Dev comes and recollects memories standing outside Bose house. The aashirwad ceremony finishes and Dev comes. Bijoy is furiated and Dev teases him telling the deal between Sona and him. Bijoy and everyone else is shocked.

PRECAP: Bijoy gets angry and Dev says that he has brought a gift for him which are blood pressure pills. Sona looks angrily towards him.

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