Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th May 2017 Written Update: Ishwari sings a poem for Soha and Golu. Ishwari, Soha, Golu are in kitchen. Ishwari somehow manages to send Soha and Golu to their mothers. Sonakshi joins Ishwari in kitchen and helps her.

Ishwari is surprised to see Sonakshi knows cooking and she does it really well. Later Dev comes to the kitchen and thanks them. He also calls Ishwari the best cook and Sonakshi thanks Ishwari for cooking the food. Asha and Ishwari are talking about the problem that occurred. Furthermore, Ishwari says Sonakshi helped her a lot by defeating Khatri. Bijou overhears the conversation and he is shocked to knoe Sonakshi has helped Ishwari. She leaves and Bijoy wonders.

Vicky scolds Eleena and call her a small photographer. Later Vicky is upset for scolding Eleena and Radha consoles her. Vicky says he is doing everything for Eleena and Golu, however Eleena is not able to understand it. Radha says she has planned a huge twist for the families.

Dev says he is responsible for their breakup and misunderstandings. Bijoy wants to go to see Dev and Sona. Ishwari and Sonakshi finds Dev and Sonakshi talking about a plan to keep Soha happy. The light goes and they all wonders why. Dev and Sonakshi surprised​ so is teh family. Sonakshi is seen afraid of darkness. Soha and Golu gets lighted candles.