Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2017 Written Update. Sonakshi to find Dev ultimately. The episode starts with Sonakshi standing at the place where Dev confessed his love to her. She remembers all the things he told her that night. On the other hand Vicky tries to seduce Elena with his six pack abs and they spend some cute moments together. Radha Rani doesn’t get any taxi to run after Sonakshi and Jatin. Ultimately she finds a lorry man and tells him to follow the route she would direct and offers good amount of money. Sonakshi tells Jatin that Dev would be at one place where he ended all relations with Sona i.e., his farmhouse she takes Jatin there.

Soha and Golu discuss their cake which they baked for Sona and Dev anniversary and go to Elena and Vicky to hear a story from them. Vicky taunts her and then starts to tell them a story but they start fighting and finally end up in playing tug of war in which Soha wins and Golu gets irritated. On the other hand, Ronita tells Saurabh not to say anything to his parents. Bijoy overhears but Saurabh says she is missing her parents. At dinner, Saurabh taunts Bijoy and Asha; it is overheard by Ronita’s parents. Asha clarifies Ronita that she never wanted to trouble her so they didnt tell that they were upset about Sona. Ronita’s mom gets irritated but remains at peace.

Soha calls Sonakshi to ask about Dev and her coming back. She says that this time she will do anything but will come back together only with Dev. Elena and Vicky have a disagreement about Golu but she tells now they should act like Golu’s parents. They try to cheer up Golu but he is very irritated and keeps on repeating and remembering his Big Cha. Vicky gets irritated on him and Golu runs away from them. Sonakshi reaches the farmhouse and recollects all her sad memories with the breakup. She sees Khatri coming and ringing the door bell. She gets shocked.

PRECAP: Khatri tells Sonakshi that he used to blackmail Ishwari and now he has a CD with her confession and he will take money from Dev.